Stony Brook University Residential Expose

This video, although it breaks from the intended topic of this blog, is meant to inform anybody going through the room selection process at Stony Brook University of their options. This video does not include the legendary West Apartments because I could not find anybody comfortable enough to allow me to interview them and see their apartment. Also, this was intended to be an equal opportunity piece and the West Apartments are not Equal Opportunity Housing. . . you have to qualify and then pay more to live there.


Also you may notice some the shots in this video are shaky. . . Stony Brook University has strict policies about where you can and cannot shoot video on campus. I do, however, understand prior restraint laws and I was not doing anything illegal, but I still needed to get the footage and I did so. . . by any means necessary.


I was stopped in H Quad filming the dining facility. . . that’s a conversation for another day however.


~ by jrn320tmccarthy on April 17, 2009.

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